…as I hope it will go on.

Not only do I seem to have gained my reading mojo back (fingers crossed!) but taking a week of holidays at the start of the year also enabled me to go out for some walks and defy the misery of winter by making the most of the short daylight hours we are still having.

Andy’s been suffering from conjunctivitis in both eyes for a few days and has been on antibiotics, but yesterday he seemed much better (no green gunk in his eyes) and was eager to get out and let off some steam. The weather was also pretty good – a mild 5C and sunshine. So, we went to one of the many local nature reserves that is home to a seal colony. There are an estimated 3000 seals (not all at one time) that come ashore to molt and rear their pups here, and the beach is a designated haul-out, meaning that access is (rightly so!) restricted. However, across the river mouth (which is really not far) are a beach and dunes that are perfect for both walking/climbing/sliding down and watching the seals.

I have been to the beach part of the area before, but had not explored the dunes. That’s what we did yesterday for a good hour or so. Andy loved it. I loved it. And I am sure we will return there more often as it is only about a 25 minutes drive away.

Seals, shags, oystercatchers … another bird I can’t identify (the small grey ones on the right). Perhaps sanderlings, or dunlins? Or are they juvenile oyster
A closer look at the mystery birds (front right).