“Night was falling when the vast swarm of lights that was Paris appeared in the north….
Suddenly I understood something. I felt now, with all the strength of my senses and intelligence, that Paris, France, Europe, the White Race, were nothing…. The something that counted in and against all particularisms was the magnificent scheme of things that we call the world.”
– Ella K. Maillart

This is still work in progress but the idea is to build a “home” for thoughts and information about the lives and books by and about some of the awe-inspiring daredevils that are either little-known or that history has made an effort to gloss over – the Lady Travelers.

  • Alexandra David-Neel
  • Freya Stark
  • Gertrude Bell
  • Isabelle Eberhardt
  • Claerenore Stinnes
  • Ella K. Maillart
  • Annemarie Schwarzenbach

My journey of discovery is still ongoing and the above is merely scratching the surface. If you can recommend any others, please leave a comment.