Ella K. Maillart


Detailed biography here.


  • Parmi la jeunesse russe (tr. “Amongst Russian Youth”)
  • Turkestan Solo – One Woman’s Expedition from the Tien Shan to the Kizil Kum (her journey from Moscow to Kirghizstan and Uzbekistan in 1932)
  • Forbidden Journey – From Peking to Cashmir (her trek across Asia with Peter Fleming in 1935)
  • Gypsy Afloat (an account of her years at sea)
  • Cruises and Caravans (autobiographical narrative)
  • The Cruel Way (from Geneva to Kabul with Annemarie Schwarzenbach)
  • Ti-Puss (the story of her years in India with a tiger cat as her companion)
  • The Land of the Sherpas (photographs and texts on her first encounter with Nepal in 1951)

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