Halloween Bingo is a reading game that a group of friends started to play a few years ago on a bookish platform that has since gone to seed (or as good as). The game starts on 1st September (unless our game moderators shake things up…as they are wont to do) and runs until 31st October.
During the game, each player has a bingo card to fill in, where each square requires a different book to be read. The book has to fit the square.

I’ll not replicate the whole of the instructions, explanations and categories here. I’ll only use this page as my personal space to record bingo reading updates.

Mrs. Hudson will mark the squares that I have read. As in previous years, The Gang will mark squares that have been called.

Updated Card:

Special Spell Cards:

I have the following cards available:

Amplification Spell: 1
Transfiguration Spell: 1
Bingo Flip: 0 – (I Bingo Flipped my Cozy Mystery square for Heart’s Doomsday square.)
Author Wild Card: 2 – (My author Wild Card this year will be Cyril Hare.)

Row # 1
Diverse Voices – John Crow’s Devil (Marlon James) – Rating: 3.5*
Country House Mystery – The Stately Home Murder (planned)
Truly Terrifying – Bad Girls: A History of Rebels and Renegades (planned)
Sleepy Hollow – The Fisherman (planned)
Psych – Ripley Under Ground (planned BR)

Row # 2
Gothic – Benighted (J.B. Priestley) – Rating: 5*
Cozy Mystery Doomsday – Ragnarok (A.S. Byatt) – Rating: 3.5*
Dark Academia – The Case of the Gilded Fly (planned)
Halloween – Hallowe’en Party (Agatha Christie) – Rating: 4*
Terror in a Small Town – After the Death of Ellen Keldberg (planned)

Row # 3
Relics and Curiosities – Strong Poison (planned re-read)
Murder Most Foul –
“Poe” the Raven – Lord Peter Views the Body (Dorothy L. Sayers)
Southern Gothic – Serena (Ron Rash) – Rating: 2.5*
In the Dark, Dark Woods – Death Walks the Woods (Cyril Hare) – Rating: 3*

Row # 4
Black Cat – Black As He’s Painted (Ngaio Marsh) – Rating: 3*
Grave or Graveyard – The Hollow Man (John Dickson Carr) – Rating: 2*
Classic Noir – The Blank Wall (Elizabeth Sanxay Holding) – Rating: 4*
Read by Flashlight or Candle light –
Film at 11 –

Row # 5
Amateur Sleuth – The Thirteen Problems (Agatha Christie) – Rating: 3.5*
It was a Dark and Stormy Night – Macbeth (Jo Nesbo) – Rating: 1*
Trick or Treat – The Religious Body (Catherine Aird) – Rating: 4*
International Woman of Mystery –
Classic Horror – The Bloody Chamber (Angela Carter) – Rating: 3.5*