It took me a while yesterday to realise that we are already in week # 2 of the new year, so…

My next random card draw brought me:

♥︎ JackNext to a DogAgatha ChristieThe Complete Short Stories (Miss Marple)

As soon as I started reading this story, I realised that I had in fact read this one before. I just can’t remember individual short stories much…

Saying that, I still went through all of the emotions and suspenseful hope with this store about a widowed young woman, her dog, and their predicament. It’s a sad story, and in many ways there are still some elements that sadly are true today, too, with respect to combining a working life and pets. 

Still, I applaud Dame Agatha for writing this somewhat unusual story.

(Btw, this is not a story that features any of the famous detectives.)