I for one am so glad that the days are getting longer again, and that I have some time this week and next to catch up properly with friends and family – even if still mostly virtually.

Andy is settling well and spent his first night away from home last night. We spent Christmas Eve with friends, which is something that I have done for a few years whenever I am not travelling to my mum’s. I guess, we just started our own tradition of having a Christmas Eve curry, mulled wine, … whatever dessert I manage to make … and lots of fun.

This is usually followed by a morning of sobering coffee and a revitalising walk around the village. We didn’t get hit by the snow last night that hit lower Deeside, but all of the paths were iced over. It was still a gorgeous morning.

So, whatever you are up to, whether you’re into Christmas or not, I hope you are all having a great festive season.