A few days ago, a friend posted one of those pass-it-on messages on Facebook. I don’t normally respond to these, but this one was different: the post was an action post where the person posting would send you the name and address of someone (the previous person posting the message) to send your favourite book to.

Anyway, I liked the idea of sending a great book to a stranger and took part. In turn, other people passed on my post……resulting in an unexpected parcel today:



As I’ve never heard of the book, I’m curious.


Unfortunately, there was no way of taking a picture of the book I sent to my allocated stranger as Alibris did all the sending for me, but just in case you’re interested I sent A Tale for the Time Being. 😀 I hope the recipient likes it.


Task the Fourth: The Gift Card:

– Read a book that you either received as a gift or have given as a gift; or

– Give a book to a friend and post a picture of the wrapped present.

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