It is still a bit early to be considering the new year (as much as I would like 2016 to be over and done with!) but it occurred to me yesterday that The Member of the Wedding, which I finished a few days ago, qualifies for the Ninth Task of the Twelve Tasks of the Festive Period.

In The Member of the Wedding, a young teen, Frankie, is coming to terms with her place in the world and her feelings of being an outsider. It’s very much a coming-of-age novel in which McCullers explores the meaning of family and belonging to a group, and how growing is an act of separation.

I’ll jot down my thoughts on the book in a separate review, once I get to mull over a few more aspects of the novel.

Task the Ninth: The Happy New Year

– Every year you get a little bit older! Read a coming of age novel or any old favorite comfort read to start the new year right; or


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