I was intrigued by The Deadly Mystery of the Missing Diamonds because the cover was so enticing that I ignored the following truths:
1. I don’t enjoy cozy mysteries much; and
2. I don’t enjoy modern authors setting mysteries in the 1920s much.

So, this book was something of the perfect storm being both a cozy mystery and a modern author imagining a 1920s setting.

Still, I enjoyed The Deadly Mystery of the Missing Diamonds. There were enough details and likeable characters that kept me reading even though the mystery itself was not challenging to solve.
I also liked the jazz club setting.

The mystery itself was pretty straight-forward and the way that the characters set about solving the mystery was a bit laughable, but what really bugged me was that the author withheld what fabulously deadly poison was employed by the baddies. It just felt like a cop-out to describe it as “fast-acting poison” in the solution and not give the reader – well, this reader! – the chance to work out how the poisoning would have worked. (Or indeed, if it could have worked the way the author described it in the story.) I admit that this is probably a negligible detail for many readers. However, I am used to the murders of Agatha Christie’s characters being described with plausible and real poisons making up much of the mystery and just being part of the puzzle. Reading Christie has taught me to want to think about which poison may have been used. It has become part of the fun for me, and not being able to see whether my suspicions in The Deadly Mystery of the Missing Diamonds were right just left me unsatisfied. I need answers!

So, in all, it was an ok story with fun characters, but just not really my cuppa.