In 2018, I tried to focus my reading on books that I already owned but hadn’t read and in doing so tried to cut down on books cluttering up my shelves. This worked fine and I am glad I did this, but it was also a bit of a pain at times because anything that restricts my reading will cause me to rebel against it.

This is why making reading plans or setting challenges just doesn’t work for me.
It never has.

So, in celebration of having read 105 books on my physical shelves this year, 2019 will be a year of free range reading.

No goal for reading any specific number of books.

No goal for reading any specific format, genre, gender, language, publication year, etc.

No restrictions, no barriers.

However, as most of you know, I do like a themed project, and with Holmes buddy read having come to an end, I am free to add a new project:

As I suspect that RL in 2019 will probably continue to be an exercise in absurdity (at least in the UK), I thought it might be fitting to add a read / re-read of the works of Albert Camus.

It’s something I wanted to do since our (kind of buddy-) read of Sarah Bakewell’s excellent book At the Existentialist Cafe earlier this year.  My friends giving me The Myth of Sisyphus for Christmas was just the additional nudge to get this started!

Also, I still have a few series to close out, and I believe 2019 will see me finish the Dame Agatha Reading Project. I only have these to complete:

– The Mystery of the Blue Train
– Why Didn’t They Ask Evans
– Death in the Clouds
– Sparkling Cyanide
– Dead Man’s Folly
– Third Girl
– The Pale Horse
– They Do it With Mirrors
– By the Pricking of My Thumbs

What I do hope to do in 2019 in general, tho, is to write more reviews. It’s been a struggle this year, and I still have so many drafts started that never came to anything. It’s rather annoying, because I meant to write up something for most books, but ended up not finding the words, especially for the really great books that I have come across this year.

So, one thing I might do in 2019 is catch up on a few of these missing reviews.



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