A day early, but I’m out for the next three days (a work conference which includes evening socialising every.single.night…).

July has been an excellent reading month, especially considering everything that was going on in RL … with work being hellish and me spending way too many late nights in the office.

However, it just goes to show again how much reading acts as stress relief and how much of a necessity a good book … or five … is to stay sane.

This month’s picture also shows another reason why I am so keen to dedicate August to reading (almost entirely) from Mt. TBR – there has been a significant shrinkage and now it actually looks like I might finish the actual Mt. TBR by the end of the year!

Of course, it helps that I have limited the purchase of new books, a little. Even the clerk at my post office collection point recently commented that I haven’t been around as frequently. So, I guess there has been a noticeable change.

End of July Mt. TBR:

End of June Mt. TBR:

End of May Mt. TBR:

End of April Mt. TBR: 

End of March Mt. TBR:

End of February Mt. TBR:

End of January Mt. TBR:

Start of the Year Mt. TBR:


The Stats:

Books read this month: 19
Mt. TBR Books read this month: 8
Women / Men / Team*: 55% / 41% / 4%
Fiction / Non-fiction*: 75% / 25%
% of original Mt. TBR read: 74%
% of live Mt. TBR read**: 60%

(* – of all books read since 01 January 2018)
(** – live Mt. TBR includes new purchases added throughout the year)

Link to the original Mt. TBR (2018) post.

Rules – same as previously – are that I picked a stack of physical books off my shelves at home which I would try to read over the course of the year. Any new purchases are added to the pile. If I pick another physical book of my shelves, I get to take one off the pile and put it on the shelf – as a substitute.

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