I try to commit to a month of TBR busting.

Happy Saturday!

It is the height of the Scottish summer, and after some very unusually warm and very dry weeks (!), we woke up to this today:

Apparently, I slept right through a night of thunder and lightning without so much as a stir.

Mind you, I am glad it has finally rained. It was getting seriously dry and we have had issues with wild fires, etc. that come with a lack of rain over a prolonged period.

So, this downpour has been great.

It’s been quite a day here at BT HQ -filled with filling in forms, despairing over lack of guidance how to fill in the blasted forms, and finally resigning from the damned paperwork to meet a friend in town for tea and ice cream to try and forget the frustration caused by the stupid admin requirements.

After I vented my woes, we stopped by Waterstones and I picked up three books (The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu, The Selected Poems of Rumi, and The Seabird’s Cry by Adam Nicolson).

As much as I love the new books, I came home to realise that buying new books is counter-productive to the ongoing efforts to reduce Mt. TBR. So, I have resolved the following:

1. I will not add the new books to Mt. TBR. Chances are that I will read these sooner than later except for The Tale of Genji, which I think will make up the centrepiece of  a reading project next year. (I just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to buy the paperback version at my local bookshop instead of having to order it online next year.)

2. I need to spend some serious time working on the current Mt. TBR. Therefore: August shall be dedicated to reading as many books on Mt. TBR as I can, without – hopefully – getting sidetracked with library books or those lovelies that you guys make me look at in your bookish blog posts.

August is going to be one tough month.


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