Tasks for Guy Fawkes Night: Post pictures of past or present bonfires, fireworks (IF THEY’RE LEGAL) or sparklers. –OR– Host a traditional English tea party, or make yourself a nice cup of tea and settle down with a good book to read. Which kind of tea is your favorite? Tell us why.




Well, I am not able to attend the fireworks at home this year, but usually I meet up with friends on a small hill at the beach (best place to view the fireworks!). We enjoy some chips and a hot drink, and then watch the fireworks and the other people around us … there are people who bring sparklers, there are lots of kids, there are charity firewalks, there is music – it’s always good fun. The fireworks are not that impressive and, usually, something will go wrong – last time, they set off the works before the countdown had finished! – which just adds to the enjoyment of it all.


As I don’t live far from the main venue, we usually return to my place afterward and catch up over some tea. 


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