Camus: A Life - Olivier Todd

From the Translator’s Note:

The present book is an abridged and edited English version of Olivier Todd’s biography of Albert Camus, which was published in France in 1996. While all relevant information about the life and work of Albert Camus has been retained, some material not of sufficient interest to the British and American general reader has been omitted to improve the narrative flow. Anyone seeking more background detail can, of course, consult the original French. The notes at the end of the French edition have also been deleted. While one of the virtues of Todd’s book is his energetic research, in order to keep this edition an accessible length we decided to integrate necessary information into the text rather than including the extensive documentation of sources. Again, scholars can turn to the French edition for a full accounting.

What the actual …?

Why would I want an abridged anything in a translation? If anything, a translation usually benefits from additional notes and sources, not from less…

This had better be spectacularly good!



Never mind. There is an unabridged German translation available, so I will DNF this one at 1%, which is possibly the quickest DNF I have ever had. Culled at the Translator’s Note.

The translator in question, btw, is Benjamin Ivry, whose work I will avoid going forward.


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