I’m back home with a sodding cold so I wanted to post this before retiring with a hot beverage.

The work part of the trip went better than expected and we ended up with a little bit of time to go exploring and indulge in some of that lovely, lovely Italian food. I won’t torture you guys with pictures of the food, but thought I’d share some of the snaps I took when visiting the Duomo. It is such a magnificent building. The masonry on the outside alone is just astounding – none of the images seem to be the same, some tell a story, some are cautionary (as befits the use in a church), and some were actually funny.

Impressive, isn’t it? No wonder it took about 600 years for the church to be completed.
And when, after some queuing, we finally got to look inside, it just took my breath away…

Check out that organ! It’s the second biggest in Europe (after the one in Passau). It has two parts – one of each side of the altar. I can only imagine the sound this would create.

The weirdest thing was that there did not seem to be any point from where you could take in the whole of the interior. Whenever you moved, a new section of the interior would be revealed. For example, you can’t really see the magnificent windows from the entrance. You have to go all the way to the back, and as you move forward, you discover sculptures and other parts like the entrances to the crypts below.

It was such an awesome place. Literally.