This evening provided some festive fun in the form of a small and cosy get-together with friends. I offered to host, and as per usual nothing went to plan, which is how we prefer things to go.

However, I did manage to tick off a few other items of the list with respect to the Twelve Tasks of the Festive Period. No Christmas party is complete without mulled wine, food, and fun in the form of party games.

I know, I said in an earlier post that I would make Feuerzangenbowle, but I ran out of time to make preparations for it. So, we resorted to making mulled wine instead, for which we found a recipe and then completely ignored it because it suggested that we water down the wine. I mean, I ask you, who waters down their mulled wine???

In complete disregard for the instructions, we then decided that the suggested sugar content was going to be too sweet, so we cut that.  The suggested spices didn’t work for our group either. So we made further amendments. It was great. We were right in cutting the sugar and amending the ingredients, because the mulled concoction we ended up with rather tasty.

For food I opted for simple – a mix of savory and sweet: Loaded potato skins (made by moi – cheese and chive) and mince pies (bought in).

Thoroughly nourished and well on the way to merriment, it was time for some games: Isn’t it amazing when the simplest of things can bring out joy in people? We found our joy in Christmas crackers and wind-up penguins which we tried to race against each other and which just led to a lot of hilarity.

The Tasks:

Task the Third: The Holiday Party:
– Make something that is considered party food where you are from, and post a picture of it on Booklikes.

Task the Twelfth: The Wassail Bowl
– Drink a festive, holiday beverage, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Take a picture of your drink, and post it to share – make it as festive as possible!