My next random card draw brought me:

♥︎ AceWeight and SeeCyril HareThe Best Detective Stories

Perchance I drew another Cyril Hare story this week.

This was an odd one. The story features a murder and an ingenious construction of how and when the murderer had access to the victim. The story also features a dog. It’s an odd one. I can’t say I loved it. I’m not sure I even liked it. It was very clever. However, the fact that I had to re-read parts of the story on finishing just so I could make sense of it tells me that this was either over my head or too complicated for its own good.

I may have smirked at the premise that Mallard, the investigating officer, used this story to shut down comments about his weight, tho. Fat-shaming is not, and never has been, funny.