Book: Read a book set in the Southern Hemisphere, or that has a beachy scene on the cover.

Maybe later. I’m not much in a reading mood at present.

Task 1: In Australia, it’s common to brag about having the “biggest ‘X’ in the Southern Hemisphere!” Biggest mall, biggest prawn (don’t ask), biggest pineapple, biggest earthworm. What does your country / city / region brag about having the best or the biggest of…?

Ok, this is not much to brag about, but the one thing that comes to mind when thinking my city being known to have the biggest of it is – seagulls.

It is unclear whether it is the ready access to food or the background radiation from the granite buildings that have led to these bird being ginourmous around here, but they are huge.

Steven demanding protection money … or food.
Steven, plotting

Task 2: It’s Melbourne Cup Day! Time to pick the ponies!

Sadly, I missed this one. 😦

Task 3: In honor of the depiction of Santa in Australian-style clothing, dress up your dog (or cat), or just use photoshop or another photo editing program, to dress up one of your pets as the Australian version of Santa Paws. Post the picture here – the zanier, the better!


Task 4: Australia has the world’s longest fence, the dingo fence, which at 3,436 miles (5529.7 kilometres) beats the Great Wall of China.
Using an average of 12 books / meter, or 4 books / foot as a guide, if you had to build a fence of your own to keep the dingos out, how long a fence could you build with the books in your library (real or virtual)?

I have no idea how many books I own, so I am just going to go with the number that my kindle tells me I have, which is 1769.

That equates to a fence of 147 metres.

Points: 2