Finna was a book I picked up at random because the premise of a SF story set in a Swedish-style furniture store (but not THAT furniture store) somehow appealed to me.
This was a great little read which told the story of what happened after Jules and Ava broke up but still had to work together at the same furniture store in jobs they both hate.
As if things couldn’t be worse, when an old lady disappears in the store, Jules and Ava are sent to find her. This is when they discover that the maze made up of different tiny apartments actually leads to another world.

I really liked the inventiveness of this story. I LOVED that this was not a romance but was set after a break-up. I really liked that we don’t get told everything about Jules and Ava right from the start but that we need to invest time in the story to get to know them.
I really liked the ending.

However, I felt this was too short. It’s a novella, really, but some parts felt rushed and could have done with a bit more fleshing out.
Still, I will probably read the sequel to this.

3* (out of 5*)