No Way Down: Life and Death on K2 was the latest book chosen for a mountaineering-themed ongoing Buddy Read.

While the book was a solid introduction to the 2008 disaster on K2, it was not a great read.
The author could not make up his mind what to include in the book and as a result floods you with too many irrelevant details while leaving out details that would have been important to know.

Also, it did not help that the author is not a mountaineer himself. I felt that for much of the book I had to fill in information that was missing from the book with information I had learned in other books.

What really pissed me off, however, was the author’s epilogue in which he described how he went about getting some of the interviews that make up the basis of this author’s work.
Some of the approaches he took seem to me to me nothing short of stalking and harassing people, some of whom were still traumatised by their experiences on K2. All in all, judging by the direct quotes the author supplies, their interviews seemed to have added little to what had already been reported at the time.

I have no intention to read more by this author.