Just a very short update to say that I finally read and watched The Merry Wives of Windsor. I had held off on this because I really can’t stand Falstaff as a character and he features prominently in this one. The Merry Wives was the last of the comedies that I hadn’t read (I think … or hope).
To be fair, it was pretty good. I had very low expectations, having enjoyed only one of Will’s other comedies, but I actually really enjoyed it. And Falstaff finally got bested. (Hooray!)

The play is pure entertainment. That is, it pokes fun at characters. The most interesting aspect, I thought was how it poked fun at jealousy, something that Shakespeare will revisit in later plays (The Winter’s Tale and Othello come to mind) and which I am looking forward to revisit from different angles.

That leaves me with 16 plays left to read within the Will’s World Project. 5 of those are plays that I have read before and I may skip some of them.