Yes, it is soup again, because we are in “Soup Season”.
Today I felt like I wanted/needed a proper lunch break. And because it was again cold and wet outside (as it will be for the next 6 months), I had a craving for a hot and flavorsome noodle soup, which was probably inspired by some food posts shared by friends not long ago. I love it when people share they’re creations and they look so good that they actually inspire me to cook myself.

All this to say, I made some soup. Again.

Don’t ask for a recipe. I’m really not good at the “following a recipe” malarkey…but it is based on this one:

…with a bunch of substitutions as I have other plans for my mushrooms (but had some Quorn chicken pieces), and I had no star anise (so substituted Chinese 5 Spice), and I wanted some colour and more veg (so added sweetcorn and carrots).
You can see why I don’t excel at following recipes.

I really like it. I’m currently slurping another bowl for dinner.

What are your favourite Soup Season dishes?