The Complete Works (Oxford Shakespeare) - William Shakespeare, John Jowett, Gary Taylor

25 March 2020: I’m moving up the sonnets in my Will’s World reading project because at the moment Patrick Stewart is reading #ASonnetADay on Facebook. 

I was hesitant about reading the sonnets as Elizabethan poetry is not very high up on my list of comfort reads, but how can I resist Sir Patrick reading them to me?
I  just can’t. 

Update 14 September 2020:

I’m not great at following series, but I have followed Patrick Stewart’s effort to read the sonnets (on his Facebook page – see link above), and I am rather sad that we are almost at the end of the project. It was #141 yesterday. There are only 13 sonnets left.

One of the aspects I have liked best about Sir Patrick’s project – apart from being able to work through the sonnets in the virtual company of greatness – was that there were some (but not many) sonnets he skipped because he either did not like them or because he felt he could not read them properly. It showed again that even professionals struggle with some of them. It also showed again that Sir Patrick is not above admitting he can’t do something justice. It’s really been a wonderful project.

A final update is to follow …

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