It’s been a while since my last Sunday Post but to be fair there hasn’t been much going on that was worth writing about since … whenever it was that the virus took hold.

So, with lockdown slowly easing in Scotland (and easing at a different speed to the rest of the UK, in case you were wondering), this weekend was the first time I had a chance to meet up with a couple of friends. We tried last week, but the weather wasn’t allowing us to have a socially distanced picnic in the back garden AND stay dry.

Yesterday, finally!, we got to hang out in my back garden and chill and catch up and not use video chat and all able to dig into this:

I also made a kiwi fruit and banana cake. (I only forgot to take a picture after I put the glaze on.)

Both were demolished within minutes. We had a lot of fun. But it is fair to say that the sight of seagulls circling above us made us eat faster, too.

Today I just chilled with John Donne. I finished reading the Everyman’s Library collection of his works and look forward to picking up the book for re-reads of some of the poetry whenever the mood strikes.

But of course, good poetry made me hungry for some equally sophisticated snack, so I played around with an idea for olive tapenade. It was nice.

Happy Sunday!

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