…and probably Wednesday because I made quite a lot.

Anyway, I realised I’ve not had a food post in a while and since Booklikes seems to be working well today, I thought I’d type up a little reading update and include a food post.

Today was the last day of my extended weekend (which was sorely needed even if that makes little sense since I work from home) and I finished Things in Jars, which was a total surprise in how gripping and funny and dark and warm a story it was.

I’ve also had a book delivery today: Mary Kelly’s The Spoilt Kill has arrived. The edition I have is the new edition that has just been published in the British Library Crime Classics series. Alas, I need to hold off on reading it. I’ve still not finished the Kelly that I have been reading on and off. It’s not the book’s fault – I get distracted easily and Kelly is an author that requires some focus.

I’ve also just read the new Persephone Newletter (published by Persephone books) which contained the heartening message that they have been overwhelmed by book orders and are struggling to cope.

Now I would not normally have mentioned this, but I love that an independent publisher and bookshop has been overrun with orders. It’s fantastic – both that people have turned to reading during the pandemic and that people have sought sources other than Amazon.

It also reminds me that I still have some unread Persephone books on my 2020 Mt. TBR shelf and that I should probably pick one up soon.

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