Beloved - Toni Morrison

I escaped the madness of the office today (we are moving to new premises and today was “moving day”) by working from home. All my stuff was already packed up, except for my laptop and there were things I needed to get done today. 

I also hoped I would get a new desk delivered today…but alas, no.

So, anyway, I was able to listen to Toni Morrison reading Beloved while I typed away on some matters that didn’t need a lot of concentration. In fact, I was glad Beloved kept me from being bored. In fact, I think I have to thank Beloved from wallowing in self-pity about having to catch-up with admin chores because, clearly, life could be worse. 

Still, I’m not sure about Beloved. That is, I’m not sure I am going to love the book as much as most other readers seem to love it.

I also had some time to properly break for lunch and cook. It’s been a lovely day outside today, but after a week of quick and easy meals (because our canteen had basically given up two weeks ago and I wasn’t going to risk it this week when they were probably using up the last of their provisions) I wanted something hearty and warm and comforting and full of veggie wholesomeness.

So, potato, leek, and bean stew was what I made.

It is so simple, and yet so lovely.

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