February saw more weeding out of books that I wasn’t sure I would really enjoy. So, while the total number of books “read” in the shortest month of the year may look big, most of them were really, really short and there were also quite a few DNFs.

I’m seriously no longer entertaining books that I do not enjoy. I mean, I have never really had a problem abandoning books, but I have now become quite ruthless at it, and have no regrets.


There were a few reading highlights in February also:


Unspeakable by John Bercow – Just wow. I miss him so much in daily politics already.

Possession by A.S. Byatt – I want to say “where has this book been all my life” but I full well know that I would not have enjoyed this so much if I had read it before now.

In the Labyrinth of Drakes by Marie Brennan – This series just gets better with each book.

Miss Pym Disposes – a late entry, but what a fabulous one. 


I still have not swapped any books for “book jokers” (see explanation at the end of the post), so my current 2020 Mt. TBR shelves look like this: 


End of February Mt. TBR:


End of January Mt. TBR:


Start of the Year Mt. TBR:


The Stats:


Books read this month: 20 (Feb)

Mt. TBR Books read this month: 5 

DNFs this month: 4


Women / Men / Team*: 46% / 51% / 3%

% of original Mt. TBR read: 17% 


Available swaps (not made yet): 6


(* – of all books read since 01 January 2020)


Link to the original Mt. TBR (2020) post.


Rules – same as previously – are that I picked a stack of physical books off my shelves at home which I would try to read over the course of the year. If I pick another (yet unread) physical book off my shelves, I get to take one off the Mt. TBR shelves and put it on the regular shelf – as a substitute. In a change from previous years, new purchases (physical books only) will not be added to the Mt. TBR shelves – I will track these separately.

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