Grey Mask - Patricia Wentworth

Well, well. I had low expectations for this book and only really looked forward to it because it was planned buddy read with Lillelara.

So, imagine my surprise when I actually enjoyed this story despite its entirely bonkers plot and even despite its utterly, utterly stupid main character. Margot really was the epitome of an obnoxious airhead and I am still amazed that she actually survived the plot without being killed off.

I certainly hoped for this on every single page.

To be fair, imagining plot twists in which Margot met with an untimely end was part of the fun of reading the story.

Luckily, there were some other characters that I actually liked reading about: Margaret was one of them. She had some depth.

Archie was another. He had some spirit. Even tho his choice of love interest is beyond my ability to understand. Why, Archie? Why?

As for the plot itself? It was bonkers. There was a time I got completely lost, but I think at that time I had already given up on The Grey Mask featuring any credible or logical train of thought. And sometimes this is just the kind of book one needs.


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