Frankenstein - Mary Shelley, Dan Stevens

This was my third read of the story.

Just a quick note that my rating refers to the book only.

While I have a lot of love for some of “the monster’s” story, especially the parts of the story that are narrated by “the monster”, this is not a favourite book. Like most other Gothic classics, it drags and drags, and the glacial pace of the story does nothing for me, and does nothing to make me celebrate this otherwise gorgeous book of ideas and enlightenment and humanity by such a badass writer.

So, let me break this down more scientifically:

Pace: -10*
Ideas: +10*
Writing (enjoyment, other than pace): +4*
Rage factor reading about Victor: -10*
Empathy factor (Totally rooting for “Adam”): +9

Total: 3*

Separated out – Dan Stevens narration: ALL THE STARS!!


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