Katzengeschichten (German Edition) - Patricia Highsmith

Katzengeschichten (Cat Stories) is not an anthology that Highsmith herself created but one that her publisher, Diogenes, compiled posthumously. I’m not usually a fan of such compilations as they always seem like a “cash-grab” to me but I can also see how these compilation could be a perfect gift for cat-loving fans of Highsmith’s work.

Or for a Highsmith enthusiast who needs to find a book tacking a particular bingo game square. Ahem.

Anyway, there three short stories in this, three poems, and a short essay by Highsmith on her love of and life with cats.

I enjoyed all of this enormously.

One of the stories, Ming’s Biggest Prey is a story that also appears in The Animal Lover’s Book of Beastly Murder, and it makes me want to give that book another chance.

I will need to skip the first story in that collection, tho, as it broke my heart. I totally rooted for the elephant to kill them all. Alas, …

Btw, the contents of this book are as follows:

Drei Stories
Was die Katze hereinschleppte / Something the Cat Dragged In, 1977 entstanden, ist dem Short-Story-Band Keiner von uns (Zürich: Diogenes 2005) entnommen. Aus dem Amerikanischen von Matthias Jendis.
Mings fetteste Beute / Ming’s Biggest Prey, 1972 entstanden, entstammt dem Short-Story-Band Kleine Mordgeschichten für Tierfreunde / Kleine Geschichten für Weiberfeinde (Zürich: Diogenes 2004). Deutsch von Melanie Walz.
Der leere Nistkasten / The Empty Birdhouse, 1966 entstanden, ist dem Short-Story-Band Der Schneckenforscher (Zürich: Diogenes 2003) entnommen. Deutsch von Dirk van Gunsteren. Drei

Wann Kätzchen/Kitten, Katze/Cat, Alte Katze/Old Cat entstanden sind, ist nicht bekannt. Erstveröffentlichung. Deutsch von Erica Ruetz.

Ein Essay
Mit Katzen leben oder On Cats and Lifestyle / On Cats and Lifestyle erschien erstmals in der Originalsprache in ›Murder Ink.‹, New York 1979. Deutsche Erstveröffentlichung. Deutsch von Melanie Walz.




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