This little memorial to Dame Agatha is on St. Martin’s Lane. St. Martin’s Theatre, which is still running Dame Agatha’s The Mousetrap is just on the left.

London is mad at any time of the year, but in summer (and just before Christmas) it is the maddest. This particular part of the city is so full of people that it is equally hard to stand still as it is to try and actually walk…without bumping people who try to stop. And as everyone, really everyone, seems to be on their mobile phones – either talking, texting, or trying to read Google maps – I’ve come to the conclusion that on this trip my use of phone will be limited, including a limit on picture taking and on relying on Google maps (which I know I can do without). And what can I say, it’s been a blast walking around just looking at the city.

It’s changed. It keeps changing all the time. But there are elements that are the same.

Little oases of green in between blocks of buildings that are so overflowing with people sitting on the grass (because of the current heat wave) that you can hardly see any ground.

People trying to get to places, looking knackered, hardly able to move because there are just so many people slowing down their pace, and still showing total patience with everyone.

I love this city. But I certainly could not live here.

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