Some Do Not... - Ford Madox Ford, Max Saunders

I had a craving for a novel that I could properly sink into. And Hol’s update on her read of Forster told me I needed something similar, something Edwardian, right now.

You can’t get much more Edwardian than Ford Maddox Ford.

“I don’t read novels,” Tietjens answered. “I know what’s in ’em. There has been nothing worth reading written in England since the eighteenth century except by a woman…”

I may need to follow this one up with North and South, as I believe the above is a reference to Mrs. Gaskell, and North and South (along Woolf’s The Voyage Out) was a runner up to this first book in the Parade’s End tetralogy, that is before I realised I needed something Edwardian.

I know that some of you, but not all, are also “mood readers”. How do you pick your next reads?

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