Where Angels Fear to Tread - Audible Studios, Edward Petherbridge, E.M. Forster

Having finished Gaudy Night on Monday morning, I haven’t read anything new since I finished the book.
And this isn’t the usual book hangover. I’m actually enjoying that I can’t move on to another book right now and the I keep thinking back to the book (and Strong Poison and Have His Carcase).
So, instead,  I’ve been tumbling down several rabbit holes on YouTube and, because one thing leads to another, I somehow ended up re-listening to Edward Petherbridge’s out-of-this world narration of Where Angels Fear to Tread (his narration of Howards End – my favourite Forster –  is equally fantastic but I am saving up that one for a real need of comfort).
However, it did get me to think about certain similarities between Sayers and Forster that I hadn’t considered before – even if the theme of “only connect” does somewhat stand out for me at this point.
Anyway, Where Angels Fear to Tread is still Forster’s weakest story, but it does improve on the second re-read in that the satirical character stands out more than before.
All the starts for Mr. P’s narration, 3 stars for the book.
(Link to previous review of the book.)


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