Just a small update from today’s adventures in Paris: It’s been raining. That didn’t really stop anyone doing anything, tho, and I went out adventuring.

I’ll not spam your feeds with pictures of Paris landmarks, but I wanted to share pictures of the Gallery of Evolution at the Natural History Museum. This is the place I didn’t get to on my last visit. This time, I had no fever holding me back – this place is fabulous!

The light in this building changes every few minutes and there are sound effects, too. And I love how the terrestrial animals are placed on a mezzanine above the sea creatures.

Apart from this, I had a fun wander around Pigalle last night, mostly people-watching and avoiding clouds of dope smoke, and I went to Montmartre and the Trocadero this morning. Montmartre is still as tacky as I remembered from my first visit in the 1990s.

On another fun note, I have also spent some time looking for great crepes. The one I tried tonight had lots of potential for improvement, but the Grand  Marnier was nice.


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