…when I’m on my library’s website and am not paying attention. Instead of “save to my wishlist”, I may have clicked the wrong button. It probably was the “I WANT THEM ALL AND I WANT THEM NOW!” button. I’m sure you all know which one I mean…or maybe that is a secret button that I have just found?

Anyway, the two librarians who handed me this lovely little pile weren’t even trying to suppress their smirking, so I had no choice: I surely couldn’t hand the books back and admit to accidentally ordering them. I simply had to pretend the erroneous mouse action never happened and I needed all of these lovely books right away…and on purpose.

The moral of the tale, my good people, is that … well, there is no moral, but I’m giving you a heads up that most of my near-future-reading will be about Sir Roger, and more Bond, and stuff.

So, yeah, not much change from the regular programme.


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