I can’t believe April has already been and gone. It was such a great month: I got to go on and adventure with my mum, tennis season started up again, and the weather has lifted enough for other social engagements to pick up again. Despite all of this, I also managed to read quite a few books: 14 in total, 7 off Mt. TBR.

I also bought some books and some of these new additions were the first ones to be read, so there is not a whole lot of visible difference in Mt. TBR.

End of April Mt. TBR:

End of March Mt. TBR:

End of February Mt. TBR:

End of January Mt. TBR:

Start of the Year Mt. TBR:

The Stats:

Books read this month: 14
Mt. TBR Books read this month: 7

Women / Men / Team*: 58% / 36% / 6%
Fiction / Non-fiction*: 76% / 24%
% of original Mt. TBR read: 41%
% of live Mt. TBR read: 33%

(* – of all books read since 01 January 2018)

Rules – same as previously – are that I picked a stack of physical books off my shelves at home which I would try to read over the course of the year. Any new purchases are added to the pile. If I pick another physical book of my shelves, I get to take one off the pile and put it on the shelf – as a swap.