I got back from the trip to Berlin this lunchtime and have lots of updates of books to post but spent most of today either sleeping or unpacking / doing laundry.

So, updates and pictures are likely to follow later this week.

As a first installment, here’s what I did settle on picking up at the airport on the way back:

I have really high hopes for both books:

I picked up the audiobook of The Silk Roads a while back when it was on special offer, but this is a book I really want as a paper copy. A colleague of mine recommended it and I found the enthusiasm with which she told about the book rather catching.

The second one, A Talent for Murder, is a slightly different temptation: I really don’t like the idea of a fictional re-working of Christie’s disappearance that much – there is a lot of potential to get things wrong, especially with respect to her actual biography and works.

BUT… Andrew Wilson is a biographer. He wrote a very good (imo) biography of Patricia Highsmith, and I appreciated how he seemed to stick to facts and steer clear of dramatising events in Highsmith’s life.

So, I am rather intrigued about his treatment of the story of Christie’s “lost days”.


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