It’s been freezing all weekend. Not only did we have snow, which actually stayed for three days (and counting…) but for most of today we had temperatures of -5C (-9C! on the other side of town).

We don’t get freezing temperatures that often this close to the sea.

It is of no surprise then that have craved hot soup all day. 🙂 The drawback was that I needed to use things I had in the kitchen as I had no intention of going to the shops. The pavements are all covered in ice…

Today’s odds’n’ends soup turned out tasty enough, albeit I wouldn’t say it’s a new favourite. It also had some kick to it as I found a green chili pepper in the fridge.

What else is in there:

– onion
– garlic
– courgette
– carrot
– peas
– sweetcorn
– small potato
– stock
– blob of cream cheese
– salt, pepper, paprika
– green chili pepper

…some grated cheese on top.

Happy Soup Sunday!


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