Happy Sunday!

Yes, it may be late in the day but it is still Sunday from where I’m typing.

I am woefully behind in writing reviews but, having tried for several time today, it appears I may be in a reviewing slump at the moment. So, I’ll just go with the flow. Reviews may or may not follow this week.

Anyway, while I procrastinated over writing up some of those long overdue reviews today, I had a good look at my living room shelves and … *shock* … it hit me that I need to do a read&cull&sort sometime soon.

See, my plan this year was to not stress about my physical TBR and just read what I want. As a result, my main shelves are now double-stacked…and this does not even take into account the shelves and stacks in the spare room, bedroom, and, yes, there are some books in the hall, too.

So, I got to thinking that for 2018 I will try and focus on my physical TBR.

The mere thought was intimidating.

Intimidating enough to need some comfort food … Here is where the soup comes in.

Apart from the ongoing buddy reads for science non-fiction, Sherlock Holmes, and my Dame Agatha project, there is one other theme that I am looking to explore more next year – the Suffragettes. But more on that one in a separate post nearer to January.

Is anyone else also thinking abut 2018 projects already?


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