The Gilded Chalet: Off-piste in Literary Switzerland - Padraig Rooney

Well, this was a fun and informative look at Switzerland through the ages and through the lense of a reader – we get to hear stories of way too many writers to list, that have traveled to Switzerland or are Swiss and have traveled elsewhere. The only common denominator was, you guessed it, Switzerland.

I’ll keep the book as a reference because some of the backstories were interesting but I know I will have forgotten them by next weekend.

If there was one thing I missed, it would be more examples of how Switzerland or the Swiss theme had merged into the writers’ work. There were some like the scene on the ice in Frankenstein or Conan Doyle’s seemingly odd choice for Holmes adventures at the Reichenbach Falls, but I would have liked more of that sort of thing- and less about people’s love lives. I mean, surely after reading about Lord Byron’s escapades, nothing will have the same entertainment value…


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