Metamorphoses - Denis Feeney, Ovid, David Raeburn

I will need to post a picture of my paperback copy at some point to illustrate how much the stories have engaged me – my copy is now filled with notes, scribbles, and stickies to mark passages.

The part I have reached now – the last part of the book it seems – deals with the story of Troy, followed by the story of Aeneas. I am half tempted to dig out a copy of Homer’s two books to read as companion pieces, but somehow I fear it may not do either work justice to read them in comparison because they are quite different. Tho, I do want to re-read The Illiad and The Odyssey at some point, too.

So, maybe the way to go is to read Ovid’s take first and by itself, and then pull out The Metamorphoses and my notes on it again when I get to Homer.



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