Divided City - Theresa Breslin

The kind of street his parents had warned him never to be in. The kind of street where your footsteps echoed loud, too loud – because there was no one else about. From either side the dark openings of the tenement building mawed at him. It was the beginning of May and fairly light at this time in the evening. But even so . . . Graham glanced around. The sky was densely overcast and shadows were gathering. He shouldn’t have lingered so long after football training.

I’m sure this book has salient points to deliver about football, hooliganism, hatred of the unknown – whether it be religion, culture, or anything else -, the background of the Orange Order, and I’m sure that this would make an interesting read for a football fan in their early teens. At least, I guess there may be a way to connect to the football aspect of it – even if the footie talk is mostly limited to the two Glaswegian teams in the early 2000s.

I’m glad I read this, but I am feeling rather “meh” about it. At least, I can now delete it from my kindle (not that I know how it got there in the first place…).


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