The Mystery of a Butcher's Shop (Mrs Bradley, #2) - Gladys Mitchell

“Stop, James!” came in deep rich tones from the depths of the chair. “You are wearing grey flannel trousers!”

“Yes,” agreed Jim, glancing down at them.

“If I had my way,” said Mrs Bradley firmly, “grey flannel trousers should be taxed, together with dogs, automobiles, wireless receiving-sets, income, and the colour curiously termed beige.”

I like Mitchell’s character studies and her humour but her plotting and convoluted storytelling left me, yet again, puzzled beyond what I can put up with. I was lost by the half-way mark, and the red herrings and inconsequential discussions in the second half did nothing to salvage the mystery for me.

Not even the humour and obvious Christie-mockery could make up for it.



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