There may be something in the air tonight because it’s not just Whiskey who has had a craving for soup today.

I met up with a friend for gelato earlier – apparently meeting for gelato on Sunday is becoming a thing – she was talking about soup she made earlier today. What can I say, soup’s been on my mind for the rest of the afternoon….

So, here is what I ended up with: I just wanted something easy and filling, that I could make with ingredients that I already had at home.

I roasted some sweetcorn with smoked paprika for a bit, then added it to other veg (celery, onion, carrot, a red pepper, and a potato). Let it boil with a bay leaf, salt, black pepper, rosemary for a bit, then blitzed it.

The smoky goodness of the soup goes nicely with some cheesy topping. My sides are slices of bread topped with humus.

It’s a really simple soup, but I’m loving it.

Happy (Soup) Sunday All!


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