Whoopigoldbergbook - Whoopi Goldberg

Well, this was fun. The style of the book immediately reminded me of the scene in one of my favourite Goldberg films Jumping Jack Flash, where her character, Terry Doolittle, is injected with a truth serum and can’t stop herself from commenting on everything that is going on around her.

I loved that scene, but I can see how the train-of-thought approach to writing might not be to everyone’s tastes.

Nevertheless, this was a book I really enjoyed. Goldberg is honest and forthcoming, to the point that she does admit that she had the help of a co-author when writing this, her first ever, book.

The sad aspect of the book of course is that many of the issues she writes about in this mixture of biography and social commentary are still relevant 20 years after the original publication in 1997.



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