I may be suffering through a reviewing slump, but I’m still pursuing the scavenger hunt that is the Twelve Tasks of the Festive Period. Yesterday, i got around to trying my hand at making latkes (or Kartoffelpuffer in German). My original plan was to make a regional variation known as Grüne Klitscher (“green” latkes) which is a simple mixture of raw potatoes, egg, salt, and sometimes some quark. The “green” part refers to the use of raw, rather than pre-cooked, potatoes. However, things happened and one thing led to another and before I knew it it had added some onion and carrot to the grated potatoes. So, I ended up with a different variation altogether. They’re still latkes, just not Grüne Klitscher. Anyway, this is what I ended up with:


I should add that I haven’t made latkes in years, and as it turned out, neither has my mother. I tried to get some cooking advice from her over the phone, but I should have known better. The thing is, neither of us is any good at following recipes or instructions and her idea of cooking, much like mine, is “throw it together and see what happens”.

The Task:
– Let the dreidel choose a book for you: create a list of four books, and assign a dreidel symbol to each one (Nun = miracle; Gimel = great; He = happened; Shin = there, i.e. Israel). Google “spin the dreidel,” and a dreidel comes up for you to spin. Give it a spin and read the book that the dreidel chooses!
– Make a traditional Hanukkah food like doughnuts or potato latkes. Post a picture, or tell us how they turned out!

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