Night Shift - Charlaine Harris

I’m really disappointed. This book started out pretty well, with Midnight, a small town in Texas, and its unusual locals, with a series of mysterious suicides at the cross-road, with a fascinating interaction between the characters.


And then? Then nothing happened. For ages, the plot drifted from one back story to a side story to another backstory to another bit about a character, all of which had little to do with the mysterious suicides. What added to the disappointment was that the story then made a lot of references to the previous books in the story – none of which, again, was all that relevant to the mysterious suicides.


I lost interest about 30% percent in but struggled on because I hoped the narrative would pick up. It didn’t really.


I finished it for Halloween Bingo (vampire square) but just because I wasn’t going to let reading this book be a wasted effort.


Not impressed.

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