Trigger Mortis: With Original Material by Ian Fleming (James Bond) - Anthony Horowitz



Before I post the next update on my bingo card, I thought I’d explain this one. This one is not really obvious…..also, I found a neat quote which makes explaining this one quite fun.


I thought long and hard about the “fall” square, and originally planned on re-reading Legends of the Fall to fill the square, but…. I wasn’t really satisfied with it. Then I read Trigger Mortis a couple of days ago (part of the fun Bond buddy read with Troy), and I noticed the following scene, which kinda stuck with me:


In Trigger Mortis, the “Bond Girl” (her name is Jeopardy) is introduced to the book when she gets trapped with Bond at the top of a tower of castle. They have no way of escape, except for jumping off.

“Bond took this in. He knew that, this time, she was telling the truth. ‘All right, Jeopardy,’ he said. ‘It’s a simple choice. You can come with me. Or you’re on your own.’
‘You can’t leave me here.’
‘I can and I will. It’s been nice meeting you. I hope you get a good story for your magazine – although it might help if you learn a thing or two about racing cars.’
Bond turned his back on her and went over to the wall. The girl was right. It was a hell of a long way down and in the moonlight the surface of the water looked like polished steel. ‘Wait for me, you bastard!’ Jeopardy said. Bond looked back. She was already walking over to him. The two stood together on the edge. If she was afraid, she wasn’t showing it. If anything, she was angry, as if this was his fault. ‘After you,’ Bond said.
‘Hell with that,’ Jeopardy growled.
They leapt together.”

Their falling into the lake beneath the castle is a major point of action in the book. Its dark, they are surrounded by an eerie forest. It atmospheric. 😉 It’s one of my favourite scenes in the book. Also, it’s the first time that all the main players are in the scene, if you like, Bond, Jeopardy, and the villain.


Anyway, I will assign Trigger Mortis to the Fall square.

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