Witches Abroad - Terry Pratchett

‘We’re her godmothers,’ said Granny.
‘That’s right,’ said Nanny Ogg.
‘We’ve got a wand, too,’ said Magrat.
‘But you hate godmothers, Mistress Weatherwax,’ said Mrs Gogol.
‘We’re the other kind,’ said Granny. ‘We’re the kind that gives people what they know they really need, not what we think they ought to want.’

The witches – Granny, Nanny, and Magrat – are being sent on a mission: the ward of Desidarata needs help to free herself from the malevolent influence of a mysterious force – it’s to do with mirrors and frogs and glas slippers, and zombies.

None of the witches have ever been abroad, and as they make their way across the Discworld, mayham lies in their wake, but what is worse….some people have no respect for witches!

‘They treated us as if we was ordinary people,’ said Granny, in a shocked voice.

Witches Abroad was a lot of fun but there was something missing for me in this one. It was funny and cute, and at times dark, really dark – they killed a wolf out of mercy  – but there was still something that I enjoyed better in Wyrd Sisters. Maybe it was the lack of a fairy tale setting that appealed more to me.


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