“She hears a thump overhead, followed by the clickety-clack of canine nails on hardwood and the thundery thud of Daisy barrelling down the carpeted stairs. The dog, having heaved herself from her queen-sized Tempur-Pedic slumber at the sound of domestic disturbance, is now reporting for duty. What’s up? Pizza guy? Want me to kill him?”

Ann-Marie MacDonald – Adult Onset


Yeah, so I was supposed to be on a flight to Denmark tonight but it was cancelled. Technical difficulties mean I was stuck on the plane – bookless! Well, nearly. It took me a while to remember I had downloaded this to my phone.

I love MacDonald’s writing. Her first two books were just wonderful. This one made me giggle on the plane, while surrounded by a number of agitated passengers. It is quite a different tone and style from her other two novels.

If you haven’t tried MacDonald, yet, I’d recommend you give her a shot.


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